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Thari-The Loom

Grand ensemble piece of Malavika Sarukkai

For more than three decades Malavika Sarukkai has done groundbreaking work in the reconstruction of the traditional Bharatanatyam. The Indian choreographer is highly praised for her originality, intelligence, technical mastery, and lively movement vocabulary. She imaginatively relates the world of dance to the world around us. Korzo is very pleased that this passionate celebrity is bringing the exciting production Thari – The Loom to the India Dance Festival. For this performance, Malavika was inspired by the sari, the traditional handwoven article of clothing worn by women in India. In Thari – The Loom, Malavika Sarukkai explores the fundamental concepts shared between the two disciplines of dance and weaving; rhythm, space, structure, motif, symmetry, proportion, relationship and alignment with a refreshed movement vocabulary.

concept & choreography Malavika Sarukkai | creative collaborator Sumantra Ghosal | poems for Thari Sumantra Ghosal | compisition The Loom Sai Shravanam Warp and Weft Aditya Prakash, Sari C.V. Chandrasekhar | sound design The Loom Sai Shravanam | music concept Warp and Weft, Sari Malavika Sarukkai dancers Malavika Sarukkai, Adithya PV, Preethi Bharadwaj, Aruna Bhargavi, Nidhaga Karunad BM, Shreema Upadhyaya

musicians in recording, S. Srilatha nattuvangam, Sheejith Krishna konnakol, Murali Parthasarathy vocals, Aditya Prakash vocals, Vasudha Ravi vocals, Nellai A Ballaji mridangam, Sai Shravanam tabla, Srilakshmi Venkataramani violin, Bhavani Prasad veena, Vishnu Vijay flute, L. Kishore Kumar sitar

light design GyanDev Singh | lights adapted and executed by Niranjan Gokhale | music production & sound design Sai Shravanam, Resound India | script and narration Sumantra Ghosal, Malavika Sarukkai | production assistant Jyotsna Jagannatham | stage manager Surabhi Vasisht | costume design Sandhya Raman | special thanks to Master Weaver B. Krishnamoorthy

This program is presented in collaboration with the Indian Embassy and is supported by the ICCR.

duration 73 minutes (no intermission)

from the press

'She is exceptional.' (The Hindu)

'One of the greatest dancers of our days.' (The New York Times)

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