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Shailesh Bahoran, Kalpana Raghuraman, Revanta Sarabhai | Zangam koor, Theaterkoor Dario Fo, Korzo producties, Kwekers in de kunst

Indian dance meets opera Philip Glass

The monumental opera Satyagraha by the world-renowned composer Philip Glass was inspired by Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of peaceful resistance. The opera is not performed often, though it is seen as a key work in the composer’s output. Satyagraha is also the one opera where the influence of Indian music in Glass’ work is most clearly manifest. The composer gave permission to Korzo and Kwekers in de kunst to perform this opera in a new setting with Indian contemporary dance. Sixty choir singers specialized in classical and Indian music, opera singers, Indian dancers, contemporary dancers, and musicians bring this musical happening on tour.

Satyagraha translates as “truth force”. The opera is sung in Sanskrit, does not have a linear storyline and covers three acts. Each of the three parts represents a period of time overshadowed by war and violence. Where, in Act 1, the call to violence and its effects become tangible, Act 2 focuses on the inanity and destructive power of violence. Act 3 refers back to Act 1 and questions how the endless cycle of violence can be broken. The gods are silent. Man himself must bring to life the hope of a new beginning from his own convictions.

composition Philip Glass | choir master Rick Schoonbeek | direction Zangam choir Samhita Mundkur | direction Dario Fo choir Rick Schoonbeek, Boudewijn Ruigrok | dramaturgy Leo Spreksel | choreography Act 1 Revanta Sarabhai | rehearsal director Act 1 Jolanda Boejharat | choreography Act 2 Kalpana Raghuraman | choreography Act 3 Shailesh Bahoran | light design and visuals Peter Lemmens

Satyagraha is a collaboration between Korzo productions and Kwekers in de kunst and is made possible by crowdfunding contributors, the VSBfonds, Municipality of The Hague, Fonds 1818, Fonds Cultuurparticipatie, Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds and Cultuurschakel.

The tour of Satyagraha is made possible with the support of the BNG Cultuurfonds.

The total performance has a duration of 3 hours including breaks.

 © Dunvagen Music Publishing, New York / Albersen Verhuur B.V., The Hague

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'The Indian side of Philip Glass.' (theaterkrant.nl ★★★)

'Overwhelming. That is how I feel after Satyagraha.' (Indiase klassieke dans)


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