Bharatanatyam Day Intensive

Bharatanatyam dancer Janaki Rangarajan comes to the Netherlands for the Dutch premiere of her performance Unravelled and she gives a Day Intensive for advanced dancers. During the morning session she examines a number of important elements of Indian Dance such as abhinaya (dance expression), posture, and she introduces the concept of karanas. These are, in addition to adavus, a series of basic steps with a round and flowing physicality.

In the afternoon, Janaki will work on advanced dance technique and sequencing. Participants will learn jathis that you can apply in your own choreographies. In addition, you can also indicate areas you would like to focus attention on. Send your input before 15 February 2019 to and Janaki will fill the rest of the afternoon with these requests.

For whom?

The entire workshop is devoted to Bharatanatyam. The morning class is also suitable for advanced dancers in all dance styles. The afternoon class is only suitable for advanced Bharatanatyam dancers. The workshop is not suitable for dancers with little or no experience.

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€ 50,- full day / € 30,- morning